• Role-Based Reporting

    Role-based reporting provides increased visibility of network activities and risks to those responsible for individual areas, customisable to 10's of thousands of users.

  • Standard Reports

    Standard reports provide the most frequently used network activity categories while "Favorite" reports are user-defined.

  • Developed in conjunction with Microsoft

    Tube has been developed in conjunction with Microsoft to provide clients with the very best analytical reporting available for TMG.

  • Report Run Times

    Both report types can be run at defined times or ad-hoc and distributed via email in a variety of formats, and be delegated to InfoSec, Audit or business unit owners as required.

  • Real-Time Event Reporting

    Centralised Real-Time Event Reporting – Categorizes security alerts from BUI via a centralised reporting and forensics interface.

  • Intelligent Risk Management

    Intelligent Risk Management – Correlates security alerts from BUI with large volumes of information from other network sources into intelligible and actionable security countermeasures.

  • Vulnerability Assessment

    Determines organizational vulnerabilities through detailed analysis of independent system logs.

  • Vulnerability Mitigation

    Efficiently creates and manages policies throughout the organization to mitigate risk.

  • Flexible Views

    Flexible detail views customize how the data is presented.

  • Threat Management Gateway

    Comprehensive realtime and historical click through reporting on TMG including detailed reporting on user, actively based on TMG site classification.

  • Activity

    Outliers and individual user activity is viewable by day, month or year.